• 30 January 2019



DEN company was founded in Erbil, capital of Kurdistan of Iraq, since 2009, that

is one of the well-known and most active company in the field of electrical

engineering that supplied and performed a considerable number of important

projects successfully over all Iraqi areas. The company by employing educated

staffs including high experienced engineers and well trained technicians always try

to provide high quality services, according to global updated standards, to

customers and clients with high quality, reasonable conditions and best competitive

prices in the shortest time.

DEN company have three major fields of working consist of firstly electrical

equipment and material trading such as power transformers, LV and MV

accessories, types of cables, electrical and lighting poles, boards and kiosks,

Switchgears, RMU, Schneider CBs, secondly implementation of projects such as

installation of LV and MV overhead lines, underground cables and sometimes civil

construction as contractor, finally making boards and kiosks at its own workshop

as per customer request.

By considering that the company has some official representative of some

companies like Schneider, ASA, HAS Cable, has strongly business relationship

with all Asian and European countries which are active in Iraq such as France,

Turkey, Iran, Egypt, China, South Korea and so on, always policies like

commitment, professionalism, performance guarantee, high quality, reasonable

price, competitive price and client satisfaction have considerably been the company’s permanent goal.